PedalPlay, Choppers.

Choppers are a funny yet direct way to challenge some of our transportation norms.
No need for a gallery for this kind of art... we'll just ride by and make you smile.

I built my first chopper (named Elsie) with the PedalWorks.
I loved it so much that for the last three years I ran the organization with a creative partner Jim Hoehnle, only we called it PedalPlay.
We built and sold chopper bicycles, offered chopper building workshops, and took crazy bicycles to festivals for people to try out.

PedalPlay was awarded a Canada Council Grant (through the Artists and Community Collaboration Fund, a two year investment that gives the arts a stronger presence in everyday life.)
With this grant, Jim, myself and Khan Lee helped 8 young artists to create kinetic sculptures and associated performances.
See the VeloMutation Bike Gallery for pictures.

Also, my friend Ian keeps a great website of his photographs. He has lots of pictures of VeloMutations, Critical Masses, Parade of Lost Souls...
Link to Ian's Site