VeloMutation was facilitated by local artists Jim Hoehnle, Khan Lee, and RedSara. We worked with 8 young artists to push the boundaries of bikes... and performance theory, as we rode (and continue to ride) these fabulous creations on city streets...
i know, i know, i can't believe it is legal either!

Project Participants: Tom Cunningham, Amy Walker, RadMaggie, Sailor Neale, Jessica de Hass, Neezar Bzar, and Jorge Carillo and his OffRamp TEAM.

This project was generously supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, through their Artists and the Community Collaboration Fund, a two year investment that gives the arts a stronger presence in everyday life.

Other VITAL Sponsors:
Intermission Artists Society, VanCity Community Savings, PEDAL (Pedal Energy Development Alternatives), the Bike Doctor, Our Community Bikes, Reckless Cycles, UpSign, Allright Ladders, ClubCard, DadaBase, Radix Theatre, Public Dreams, Luxotica, FineWerks, Vancouver Sattelite.

Another 80 or so volunteers helped throughout the project, and without you we would be nothing (you know who you are, but my website doesn't have enough space to list everyone's name here). THANKYOU