Collision : AutoMobiles

May '05

Artist Statement:

“I am not responsible for these accidents, I have only collected the inevitable debris.

Every piece is the result of two or more colliding projectiles of speeding metal (cars):

tenuously obeying the rules of the road…
absolutely obeying the laws of momentum.”

Sara Ross is known around the city as RedSara on her bike, and her face is associated with political and environmental issues and concerns in Vancouver. Whether organizing artists against the last city council or mobilizing cyclists against the Iraq War, Sara has been the embodiment of the activist artist.

For the last few years, Sara has been collecting broken pieces of car headlights and taillights off the streets of Vancouver. She calls them Street Glass as opposed to beach glass; although the broken headlight is almost always associated with violence, she sees no shame in pointing out the beauty of the colourful pieces of industrial plastic that shimmer in many directions when exposed to proper lighting. COLLISION is an investigation into the aesthetics and the implications of a life distorted through Auto-dependency in North America.

Sara Ross was born in Toronto. She has lived and worked in Vancouver since 1992. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts Degree from UBC in 2001. Her work has been part of several group shows in Vancouver and has appeared on the cover of the Westender. For the most part, she has self represented her work.

Please join XENO gallery and dadabase for the opening of Collision. Artist in attendance.

Curated by Mo SALEMY