Hills are steep, and so is the bike learning curve, but when i get on my bike and experience the freedom, the sense of flying... it speaks for itself. RIDE ALL!

  1. Critical Mass Vancouver

    Critical Mass is a monthly ride which takes place all over the world.

    It is a celebration of cycling and self-propelled people.

    We are known in Vancouver for our peaceful and fun rides. All are welcome.

    We meet at the Vancouver Art Gallery on the last Friday of every month at 5:30. We ride at 6

  2. PEDAL

    PEDAL is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and producing pedalpower. PEDAL's core project is Our Community BIkes, a local "learn-to-fix-your-bike" community bike shop.
    I used to work for PEDAL. I am proud of the work that I did developing the organization and helping bring their visionary projects to life.

  3. World Car Free Network

    Global site for car-free advocacy and organization. This is real, check it out!
    Emerged from CarBusters magazine, which is also still active.

  4. CarBusters

    International magazine about the demise of Car Culture (and the rise of alternatives). Check back issues for the B:C:Clettes on the cover of issue 36.

  5. PedalPlay

    PedalPlay is a bike arts and culture organization that I ran with Jim Hoehnle.
    We built choppers.
    We attended and produced festivals and performances involving bicycles and pedalpower.
    We were active in the arts and bicycle scenes in Vancouver.

  6. Velorution

    One of the most inspiring cycling websites EVER. With a huge amount of material from all over the world. And every day there is more!!!

  7. Bicycle Bee

    ....Buzzing! The Bicycle Bee is a weekend of community created workshops about bicycles.
    The Bicycle Bee is also a loose collective of people working together to share skills and friendship... working together we strengthen our community.
    All welcome to our terrific potlucks!